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NJ Press Release

Press Release

New Jersey Standard -- FYI Column
 March 6, 2009

Gary Swickley, owner and founder of Kosher Casual in Bet Shemesh, Israel, is not subtle. Naming his "fashionable yet modest" new clothing items "TeeNecks," he very definitely had the New Jersey town in mind.

"The socio-religious makeup of Teaneck is very much in line" with our customer base, said Swickley. "It was a great play on words that my wife thought of."
Swickley -- an American immigrant to Israel with a Harvard MBA --said he works closely with Jewish schools in Bergen County, offering commissions from sales of his products. "Our customers want to wear the latest styles but need to revise them" to fit their needs for modesty, he said.

TeeNecks are shirt supplements that sit underneath low--cut or open-neck shirts. "It looks as if the customer is wearing a second shirt, but without the extra layer and discomfort," said Swickley, who also produces "Sleevies," which create a layered look of 3/4 tight sleeves extending from underneath a short-sleeved top.

"We have received very positive feedback on our goods," he said, pointing out that the company recently sold some of its products at a Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey boutique. "We got a great response."
Swickley's wares can be found in stores or ordered online at www.koshercasual.com, along with other clothing made in Israel.

Lois Goldrich