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Real Style Press Release

Press Release


071209                      Patricia McLaughlin/RealStyle








Religious and ethical convictions and aesthetic judgments

converge on clothes that decline to let it all hang out.



Adding a pair of “Sleevies”—stretchy separate ¾-length cotton/Lycra knit sleeves, $10.50 for solid colors, $14 for tie-dye from www.koshercasual.com —to a girl’s short-sleeved T-shirt provides modest coverage while adding a pop of color. Illustration: Patricia McLaughlin


O ne evening several days before the 1963 high school prom at St. Mary’s High School, all attendees were required to bring their prom dresses to the convent for vetting by our principal, Mother Mary Cajetan. Everybody knew up front that no strapless dress would be approved—not, anyway, without