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Yaldah Press Release

Press Release


Yaldah Magazine

We interviewed Gary Swickler of Kosher Casual so we could learn more about their invention.

What are some of Kosher Casual''s creations?

Kosher Casual manufactures Sleevies TM, which are sleeve extensions to wear with short sleeve shirts, and TeeNeck TM, which is a T-shirt neckline without the T-shirt, to be worn under and peeking out from low-cut tops. We are always looking for new ideas and are eager to hear from our customers about what they are looking for.We have several exciting new ideas for this upcoming spring as well.

What gave you the ideas for your products?

A few years back, a friend approached me with a sock that had the end cut off. He told me that that was what the religious girls in Beit Shemesh (where I live as well) were wearing on their arms so that they could wear short sleeve shirts and still cover their elbows. I played with a few ideas on how to design a more comfortable, fitting, and fashionable solution and created Sleevies TM in 2005.We identified a need in the market and found a solution. Our Sleevies TM offer comfort, fashion, and stay-up-ability that socks do not.We have been selling them all over the world ever since.We sell them locally and through our website and wholesale them throughout the world, to places including the uS, Canada, Israel, England, and Australia. We have offered numerous natural fabrics and colors over the years. Our customers were thrilled with our creative solution and started asking us to come up with another idea for covering up low-cut tops without the need for a second layer.After numerous trials and samples,TeeNecks were born. TeeNeck TM is named such as a play on words for a abbreviated T type of garment covering the neck area as well as for the jewish religious community in Teaneck N.j. How do you feel when you notice people wear- ing Sleevies TM, or other products of yours? Despite being in the clothing business for almost 20 years, I still get a thrill from seeing our products all over and from the wonder- ful feedback that we constantly receive.Although I did not discover a product that will save lives, I am still very proud to see our products on frum jewish women and girls and to know that we are part of their daily lives and wardrobes and help make modest dressing fun instead of frustrating.

What is your message to Jewish girls?

There is no need to dress frumpy, just to dress modestly.As our tagline says,“Modest Clothing for the Modern Lifestyle.”

Incidentally, Kosher Casual has a basement store in Teaneck (note spelling differ- ence), NJ at phone number 201-530- 0346 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              201-530- 0346      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Find Kosher Casual online at www.koshercasual.com.