Running Skirt with Built-in Leggings. Kosher Casual.

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Women's Running Skirt / Sports Skirt With Contrasting Color Leggings

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Size in    Waist         Hips 5 inches    Length
blw waist
AXXS 25-29 32 23
AXS 25-30 32 23.5
AS 26.5-32 34 24
AM 28.5-34 35 25
AL 30-36 37 26
AXL 32-38 40 27

Legging hits a couple inches below knee on average height women. Legging length can be manipulated to be a bit higher or lower with the play and stretch in the fabric.

Black Amethyst Black/Blue Splash Leggings Black Raspberry Pink Black Pink Black/Funky Fuchsia Leggings Black/Royal Blue Leggings Black/Dark Magenta Leggings Black/Radiant Orchid Leggings Navy/Light Blue Leggings Black/Blue Violet Leggings Black/Magenta Leggings Black with Flourescent Pink Leggings Black/Green Apple Leggings Black/Green Turquoise Leggings

Product Description

* Running skirt with leggings just got even funkier!
* Same wonderful light weight fabric with the same UV protection, chlorine resistant, quick-drying material but with a bit of wow!
* Perfect swim skirt as well!
* Also made from Polyamide/spandex for the most comfortable modest running skirt, aerobics skirt, or walking skirt
* Light, stretchy fabric with a velvety feel will make this your favorite skirt on or off the court
* Breathable fabric wicks away sweat from the body to ease natural evaporation
* Offers maximum UV protection (UPF 50+ rating)
* Quick drying fabric makes this the sports skirt of choice for water hiking and chlorine safe for pool use
* No built-in lining
* Internal key pocket
* Also now in Girls' swimming/running skirts
* Legging hits a couple inches below knee on average height women

This skirt runs true to size (and is very stretchy and flexible), but it is designed to have some cling.

Please note that due to the high spandex content of this garment, measurements here are approximate.