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Sleevies 3/4 Sleeve Extensions 90% Viscose/10% Spandex




Product Description


* Sleevies® - Sleeve Add-ons are an original design 90% Natural Viscose/10% spandex sleeve extensions with elastic band at upper arm
* New Natural Viscose/ spandex fabric is super soft with super stretch for a super comfortable feel
* Sleevies® - Sleeve extensions enable any top to be converted into a 3/4 sleeve shirt
* Grabs upper arm firmly, yet comfortably

Buy any top you like and then just add Sleevies®! 
Sleevies® - Change your entire wardrobe for less than the price of a single shirt!  

Current Sizing:
Extra Small - For exceptional thin women and younger girls (9-13 years old)
Small - Average adult size
Medium - Larger girls and women
Currently available in Black and White!

The weight for shipping these is only 100 grams - up to 10 to a kilogram!

This item like much of our merchandise is a basic item of ours. If we are out-of-stock of a color or size that you want, please contact us to give you a time-frame for its production and to back-order it as we are probably making more.

Please note that due to the high spandex content of this garment,measurements here are approximate.

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  • Black
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