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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Kosher Casual different from other modest clothing websites?
Kosher Casual is a manufacturer of its own line of modest clothing. We follow fashion trends in both the mainstream and modest clothing industry and reinterpret the styles to the modest clothing marketplace. We do not make "frum" clothing or "tznius" clothing, but modernly, modest clothing. We add an inch or two here to the skirt length or the top opening. Our styles parallel the trendy fashion houses including pencil skirts and tiered skirts. We sell primarily casual modest clothing for everyday wear for both girls, teens, and women. We also supply many schools that have modest clothing school dress code requirements.  Most modesty sites cater to women or girls. We manage to service them both well.


Is Kosher Casual's clothing for the Jewish modest clothing market only?
Although our business started out by catering to the Orthodox Jewish market, we have grown rapidly in the Christian market as well. Our line includes a variety of skirt lengths, necklines, and sleeve lengths to accommodate a range of religious and modesty requirements.


Does Kosher Casual work with schools and specifically those with school dress codes?
Kosher Casual makes skirts for many schools both on a wholesale basis as well as for schools who have signed up as commission-earning affiliates. Most of our school partners sign up as affiliates of our website and earn commissions for their schools. Some of our schools have formal school dress codes. In many cases, the girls need to wear school skirts of a specific color or length. In other cases, schools simply require that school skirts are sufficiently modest, and our wide selection enables students to express themselves appropriately. We offer schools a great selection of school clothing basics including skirts and 3/4 sleeve tops as well as other modest fashion basics.


Does Kosher Casual offer schools and other affiliates commissions on their purchases?
Our website-based program offers affiliate commissions to Jewish and Christian schools, camps, non-profit organizations, blogs, and other websites as well. We are happy to work with you as well, so feel free to contact us or click on our Affiliate Opportunity button on our home page.


Does Kosher Casual sell only sportswear?
Kosher Casual does sell primarily casual sportswear for school, work, and life. We feature a great range of basics - denim skirts, pencil skirts, tiered skirts, knee-length skirts, and long skirts. We do, however, also offer some dressier skirts and dresses for those times when you need something more. Most of our modest skirts are made from natural fabrics -- primarily cotton or a chic natural viscose material which, combined with Lycra, offer a bit of elegance to all of its garments.


Do you sell non-modest clothing as well?
As modest clothing is a subjective term, we do try to carry a wide range of modest clothing definitions and options to cover most people's needs. Many of our customers are not even modest dressers, but do appreciate our comfortable modern basic styles anyway. Our modest clothes include a variety of sleeve lengths from short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeves to meet the needs of everyone. Our skirt lengths also cover a range from just past the knee to long skirts sweeping the floors.


Are Sleevies and TeeNecks really Kosher Casual's original ideas?
Yes, we are very proud of our original solutions to these common modesty issues. They are trademarked names as well.


Let's face it- most clothing is not made with the modest woman in mind. Our customers have modern style and want to be able to wear the latest fashions. We heard that some girls were even wearing socks on their arms as sleeve extensions just to be able to wear shirts with shorter sleeves. From this quandary, Sleevies were born. Sleevies are sleeve extensions that enable any top to be converted into a 3/4 sleeve shirt, grabbing the upper arm firmly, yet comfortably.

TeeNecks came up a few years later as customers, recognizing our success with Sleevies, were asking us to find a solution to shirts with low-cut necklines. Our Teenecks cover your neckline with maximum comfort without needing a second layer for modest cover-up.


What does Kosher mean? Can clothing really be kosher?
The literal translation of kosher is referring only to food that is fit to be eaten according to the Jewish dietary laws. Informally, it has grown to mean anything "proper". As we were targeting a mostly religious market that has respect for living a "proper" lifestyle, we played with the colloquial meaning of the word to convey a message that our clothing was proper for those seeking a more modest line of clothing.


Do you have a brick and mortar store anywhere?

We do not have any stores of our own in the U.S. but we do have a warehouse store in Beit Shemesh in Israel and we would love the visit.

Our warehouse store is open from 10 - 5 everyday (Sunday -- Thursday) and 9:30 - 12:30 on Fridays (summers we are open on Fridays until 2pm). We are in the North Industrial Area of Beit Shemesh, Rechov Hauman 4. Click here for directions. Our local Israeli phone number is (02) 999-1796.