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About Us

Kosher Casual is an Israeli-owned and managed business that was created from the recognized need for modest clothing styled to today's fashion here in Israel. We realized that the missing niche existed not only in our local market, but all over the world as well. Although our clothing is aligned with today's style and trends, our line sticks to the clothing basics. We avoid any goods that are not going to still look good and relevant in a few years as well.

Although our original plan was to sell to Orthodox Jews, we are thrilled that most of our business is coming from other market segments. We are loved by Christians, Muslims, non-Orthodox Jews and even secular women that just want to dress a bit more sensibly.

We do not think there is one definition of modesty and applaud all of them. As such, we try to offer merchandise catering to a range of modesty definitions.

Working in the modest clothing world, we are very blessed to be engaging with the nicest people in the world! Thank you for being so wonderful.

If you want to get to know us better, please check out this link to meet our Kosher Casual family and click here to see a video introducing our company to the world!