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Kosher Casual

Modest Clothing for the Modern Lifestyle

Modest yet Modern, Fun yet Functional

Modest Clothing for the Modern Lifestyle - Modest Skirts & Shirts - Sleevies - Tee Necks - Boy's Apparel

New Skirts for School now in stock!

I was a little wary of ordering something from overseas, but you guys have shown me that I had nothing to worry about!


If you're in the market for modest clothing, you have some great options

Fashionable modest clothing is no longer a thing of the past. The choices in modest clothing are endless, with outfits to match any occasion. If you work in an office, school or corporation and you want to project a positive, professional image, long skirts and a 3/4 sleeve shirt fit the bill. Today's modest clothing can be fun, stylish and totally with-it. You can find all kinds of layered tops, funky long skirts, long denim skirts, and 3/4 sleeve shirts that come in all materials and colors and run the gamut from cool to casual.

Kosher Casual takes modest clothing basics with a modern twist. The modest skirts are based on the current fashion styles with a reinterpretation with the modest clothing wearer in mind. Our skirts are all knee-length or long skirts. We offer modest shirts and layering tops in all the definitions – ¾ sleeve tops, long sleeve shirts, elbow length sleeves. We also have a great range of modest accessories to cover your cleavage or cover your elbows in both style and comfort.

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